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Theo Mazur is a Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist and experienced EFT Practitioner/Teacher

Hi, if you are looking for a great workout that will help you balance your body, mind, and vital energy then come check out one of my yoga classes at Green Tea Yoga in Salem, Ma.  If you are suffering from pain, stiffness, or recuperating from injury you could probably benefit from a massage treatment! 

My goal as a Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist is to motivate and facilitate the healing journey for my students and clients as they work towards balanced integration of body, mind and spirit.  The healing journey requires that the inner life force (Prana or Chi) is loosened up and allowed to circulate freely. 

I like to work with Internal Energy, in the real sense of the word, not just as a metaphor.  I prefer to use simple and effective techniques which in my experience tend to provide the greatest positive results.  My focus is on encouraging the body & mind to shift towards greater health, clarity, wellbeing, and happiness, through releasing and letting go of the old physical and mental patterns that hold us stuck. 




I am experienced in a number of Transformational Practices and Healing Modalities that can really help to raise a persons overall quality of life.  One of my favorites is EFT.  Are you interested in experiencing Energy Therapy that will help you make great progress in clearing and balancing your chakras and opening your energy meridians?  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help clear your energy pathways by removing "chi" blockages, this will pave the way for better health, greater mental clarity, and more balance in all aspects of your life. 

If you don't believe in Chi blockages, that's ok.  You will  experience the releasing from your perspective and you might interpret the changes as mental shifts toward greater clarity and positive outlook, physical releasing of stress and anxiety as you feel muscle tension letting go and the nervous system unwind. 

If you have aches and pains in your body or mind, if you feel that your life could be better with less stress and anxiety, you could find an effective solution in the bodywork treatments I provide.  As you explore my website you can learn more about what EFT "Energy Tapping", Yoga, Massage and various other forms of Bodywork/Mind Training like Chikung & Meditation can do for you.  

Reclaiming balance and wellbeing in your life can be a true adventure.  I wish you Great Luck on your journey!


Never tried
EFT?  If you have problems you should try an EFT "Energy Meridian Tapping" Session!  You can experience phenomenal results with EFT on all sorts of issues - chronic aches and pains, performance anxiety at home, at work, stage fright both mild and extreme, life fears, phobias, all the things that are holding you back from being happy, positive, healthy and successful the way you want to be!

EFT is a simple, effective, tool for focusing your awareness on one problem at a time.  This single pointed focus is what makes the process so effective.  Without this methodical and steady approach the clearing process would be overwhelming.  When we face a mountain of issues we see the futility of trying to fix all our problems at once... you can try and clear an entire forrest in one swoop but for most of us this leads directly to the "I give up" syndrome. 

EFT gives us a solution to the problem of overwhelm by forcing us to face and chop down one issue or "tree" at a time... we eliminate one problem and then continue and focus our intent on the next problem ... with EFT slow and steady progress wins the race.
Our inability to solve many of lifes problems or to find relief from many physical aches and pains, many fears of failure, fear of rejection, fear of success, is rooted in the very mechanism designed to keep us safe and alive - our evolutionary survival mechanism of "Fight or Flight". 

We don't want to face our fears... we are, after all, afraid of them:)
  So we turn to the "Flight" option over and over.  Running away from a problem, we often can't even see what we're really running away from.  If we get a little courage, we stop, we turn, we stand and fight... we thought we would see Godzilla chasing after us... but no, the problem evaporates into thin air under the steady gaze of our concious awareness.  This is my experience with EFT, again and again.

We twist and squirm to avoid facing our inner demons and nightmares.  It seems much safer to turn and run away from the mounting anxiety building within our nervous system.   But there comes a time when we've had enough... we decide we can't or don't want to take it any more... something needs to change... we want to get better.  EFT presents itself, it's easy, effective, and it works.  In my experience and those of others using EFT it works almost all of the time... in fact, I haven't seen it fail yet:)   

The EFT procedure makes it so simple to stop, face each fear, in turn, as they arise, one after another, issue by issue, layer by layer, retracing the energy block to it's core.  We see how the fear melts away under the logical gaze of our awareness and the aid of the Meridian Point tapping.  EFT turns the clearing of a seemingly un-navigateable moras of inner issues and turmoil into a methodical excavation process.  We trace a perceived problem to it's origin resolving the pain and trauma inside your bodies energy matrix.  

With EFT we can focus your mind, which guides your chi.  The mind directed chi, and the tapping on the energy points, loosens up the energy blockages... this is the process of unpeeling the layers of your "onion".  At the core of your onion is pure consciousness.  If you keep melting away the layers, one by one, you will eventually eliminate the anxiety and holding patterns that are stiffening your entire being towards rigor mortis. 

We want as little tension in the body system as possible.  We want to learn to completely let go.  To get very still, content... so we can watch all things happening in real time, within the body, and outside the body.  This state of pure consciousness is where your living energy really wakes up and flows best.


I have a lot of experience working with the various manifestations of Performance Anxiety.  If you suffer from crippling Stage Fright, Fear of Public Speaking or Performance Anxiety in any walk of life, I offer you my compassionate help on the subject.  Using EFT "Energy Meridian Tapping" I can usually get some stunning results in mellowing out your specific case of Performance Anxiety. 

I want you to quickly get to the point where you can enjoy performing in front of an audience regardless of the material you are presenting - whether you are playing an instrument, singing, delivering a speech, a lecture, a demonstration... I can help you perform better, with a clearer mind, from a calmer place, in stress situations of any kind. 

The body has three basic methods for dealing with stressful situations - you either "stand and fight", "run the other way" or you can "curl up and play dead".  Another variation of this last response would be the proverbial "deer in headlights" phenomena.  In other words "paralyzed by fear" and rooted in one place... this may quickly transition into "run and fast".

These Fight or Flight responses are very useful in the jungle, running away from a grizzly bear, or in hand to hand combat.  Not so useful when you're trying to perform Bach or guide people through some chanting or yoga sequences.  So how do we get the body and mind to feel good about performing in front of others?  Can we get confortable interacting with others?  The simple answer, you have to learn to "get yourself out of the way" so you can perform the way you want to perform, do what you want to do, without freaking out about it. 

Wouldn't that be nice... the ability to perform and feel good about it, to experience some of that effortless flow of creativity from the primordial s source of all things.  You, free to perform at your highest ability, at your current level of skill and training, at any given time, any place, any space, in any situation.  Getting yourself to that place, known in performance circles as being "in the zone", is where something like EFT can really help.

The underlying mechanisms resulting in your sensations of fear and anxiety are universal and present in all human beings.  The details of the "core issues" triggering your adrenaline may be different for each individual but the root cause of the problem of Performance Anxiety is always the same thing - "a disruption in your bodies energy systems, resulting in negative emotions".  These negative emotions are the activators kicking in your Fight or Flight response.

You know you are suffering from some sort of Performance Anxiety if you ever experience any of the following in any situation: Anger? Resentment? Anxiety? Guilt? Impatience? Overwhelm? Grief? Sadness?  

As human beings we are continually performing either one roll or another as we go through life - son, daughter, husband, wife, mother, father, entertainer, teacher, guide, protector, healer, facilitator, doctor, lawyer, plumber, carpenter etc. etc.  With zero performance anxiety you find yourself at a place of Total Acceptance, both of yourself and of others.  This is called Zen Mind.  This is operating from Dan Tien.  This is being in harmony with the Tao. 

From this place of stillness you don't have to do anything, you are already there.  You don't need to over-effort because you can enjoy things just as they are.  You no longer experience overwhelming performance anxiety because your actions flow forth from internal knowing.  When you are living and operating from a place of acceptance, everyone will find it easier to accept you unconditionally, including yourself...  this state of Acceptance is where we find love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.  This is the state of being where, once reached, your personal, internal, energy flow really starts to kick in:) 

If you still feel anxious about a performance after reading about Unconditional Acceptance then you know you have a "disruption in your bodies energy system".  This is where EFT, Yoga, Chigong, or Massage come into play.  A process like EFT can help you neutralize these emotions so you can perform from a clearer state of mind... calmer, cooler, and more collected than your over-anxious, confused and unhappy, previous-self of yesterday.


If you think back to when you were young, first starting out in life, maybe you decided you wanted to try something new, play an instrument, a game, learn a new skill, maybe ping-pong.  We usually feel pretty good about our own progress and talent, evolving at it's own pace as nature intended.  We try something new, put energy in, we see results in the physical realm if we stick with it.  We can keep making positive growth if we can stay unencumbered by criticism and remain unfazed by unfavorable comparison to the higher performance levels of others.  

What happens when you meet rejection?  What if someone doesn't like your playing or they pick you last to be on their team for tag football.  A person can only take so much rejection and failure before cynicism sets in.  We start to think many negative thoughts, "why bother, it won't work anyways", "i tried that last time, failed", "i asked and they denied my request", "i was pretty good, but never good enough to please them", "I've worked hard, but nobody appreciates my skills and efforts"... these negative thoughts and emotions are the manifestations of mounting rejection and failure. 

As we go through life the negative cycle repeats itself over and over unless we do something to change the pattern, to change our habits, change our thinking, change our energy levels.  Clearing our internal energy fields, freeing up the flow of our life force, this is the path to success.  If we can weather the ups and downs of life, without sinking further into depression, without wallowing deeper in our misery, without succumbing to the downward spiral, maybe one day we find a solution to our problems... we learn to focus on our breath, we learn to use handy little tools for a better life like EFT or we start in on an ancient practice like Yoga or Chikung... these are things that can really help to give you a brighter day. 


Performance Anxiety is part of the bigger issues of "natural selection", "survival of the fittest", "competition for limited resources".  So many people competing for the same job, the same position, the same space on earth.  The ancient yogis found an answer to this overcrowded situation.  Turn your attention inward.  Focus on your own transformation.  Learn to accept yourself unconditionally.  Let go of your "competitive nature".  The competitive spirit is a great motivator to uplevel our performance skills, great for human survival, but it can seriously dent our enjoyment of experiencing life if we meet to much rejection and failure.  

Pondering human development, realizing we are social animals, with a great need to fit in and be accepted by the group, we can see that this need for acceptance paves the way for rejection.  In the absence of comparison to others or criticism from others, a person naturally feels good about their own talent and inner beauty until they meet rejection coming in from the outside.  But wait, it gets worse, rejection comes in two forms... we also have self rejection, self loathing, self hatred... but if we trace that back to its source, maybe we find rejection by our primary care givers when we were young, or rejection stemming from our first attempts at reaching out for friends. 

After that  first taste of rejection, someone doesn't like your playing, they make a negative statement about your table-tennis skills, they denigrate your look, your clothes, your abilities, they don't want you to join them as they go Trick or Treating... self-doubt soon follows and eats away at your self-esteem.  The next stage is fear of further rejection.  This manifests as Stage Fright or Performance Anxiety.  We are scared of failure and of more rejection.  If we look deep at our fears of success, our in-ability to find success, underneath, is fear of failure or rejection.  Self Acceptance is the resolution of this anxiety problem. 

The key to dissolving anxiety is to learn how to "just let go" and tap into "source energy".  The question is HOW?  One simple and powerful solution has proven to be EFT.


For many years I was a practicing and performing musician.   As an under-graduate I studied Classical Guitar and Music Composition at the University of New Hampshire.  I completed my Masters In Contemporary Improvisation at the New England Conservatory in Boston. 

All throughout my musical life I suffered from performance anxiety both on and off the stage.  No matter what I tried I never found the relief I was looking for.  My hands would shake, my heart would pound, adrenaline would engulf my system.  I practiced all the time and yet I never felt I was good enough.  The question I had was, "Why can't I just go on stage, play the music I have practiced so much, and perform it the way I do when I am on my own with my instrument?"  I didn't start to find real answers to my Stage Fright questions until I began practicing a LOT of yoga. 

Yoga led me to Chikung which led me to Body Shaking and Energy Meridian Tapping which led me to EFT.  EFT was the focusing tool I needed to track down the disturbances in my system that manifested as "performance anxiety and stage fright".  I am confident that EFT can help bring YOU to the resolution of your troubles as well.


About Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright:

We usually start out in the world feeling pretty good about ourselves and are focused on just experiencing life as it flows along.  Maybe we start to listen to music and get the idea to play an instrument ourselves.  Everything is going great until criticism rears its ugly head.  You may start to criticize your own playing or someone will step in and do that for you.  This is where rejection sets in... rejection is the opposite of acceptance.  This is the root cause of all Performance Anxiety.

As human beings we find ourselves to be social animals.  Acceptance by the group is a huge deal for everyone.  Rejection hurts, the more we are rejected the bigger our stage fright gets.  Our bodies internal Fight or Flight mechanism is geared to protecting us.  Your adrenaline triggers before a performance of any kind because your body wants to protect your from the perceived pain and trauma of MORE REJECTION.

Self Acceptance is the resolution of Performance Anxiety.  The big question has always been, so how do we reach Self Acceptance.  Yoga can help.  Chikung can help.  Meditation Can Help.  Learning how the breath properly can help.  And EFT can help.  I am excited about EFT because it doesn't take years of training to see results.  Using EFT you can focus on a problem, big or small, do a couple rounds of gentle tapping on Meridian Points around the upper torso of the body, and quickly see if your energy has shifted around that issue... the pain may evaporate, the fear may be gone! 


Theo's thoughts On EFT -
 Emotional Freedom Technique, often referred to as "Acupuncture without Needles" or "Energy Meridian Tapping"...

EFT does not replace Conventional Medicine like surgery.  EFT will not reconnect torn muscle tissue, or replace a lost limb.  But EFT has a very strong track record of being a powerful, non-invasive, therapeutic tool.  EFT has been well documented on a case by case basis.  Time and time again, with all sorts of problems,  EFT delivers astonishing results. 

The tapping process systematically re-aligns and frees up your internal energy pathways so that you quickly find the best possible solution to your given problem emerging from within.  EFT is strait forward, gentle, and usually delivers fast relief from seething anxiety.  Letting go of this deep fear will often eliminate the obstacles, real or imagined, standing in your way to realizing success and satisfaction in your life. 

Very often with EFT, pains both old and new, will simply disappear after a couple rounds of tapping.  Issues you've been trying to resolve with no luck, using other methods, will evaporate with EFT seemingly into thin air, they just won't bother you any more.  

Many times the body holds on to old pain as a defense mechanism against future injury.  This is useful to a certain extent but often this will severely limit your physical range of motion and curtail your mental options as well.  As you go through life you pick up ever expanding quantities of anxiety and rules.  These rules are imprinted into your nervous system and buried deep in your subconscious.  These rules make up the blueprint by which you make your day to day decisions and actions.  These rules are often negative and limiting and can keep you trapped from enjoying new successes and exploring new endeavors. 

You know you have an outdated internal Rule & Habit Book if you want to start a new workout program, or uplevel your yoga practice, but you keep boycotting yourself, you keep finding insurmountable obstacles popping up in your path.  You know you have negative rules if you hate the way you look, hate the way you feel, hate your life, can't stand your situation, but are afraid to make any positive changes.  Your current methods aren't working for you if you want to lose weight but you can't say no to your favorite vices.  Your current coping methods guiding your behavior aren't useful if you want to stop smoking but with the slightest uptick in anxiety you have no control over your addictions... 

EFT has proven very, very successful, time and time again, in dealing with all sorts of addictions and "bad habits", self boycotting, self limiting behaviors, chronic pain etc.  I can't guarantee results, but since EFT takes so little time, it often takes just a couple rounds of tapping to see if you can get a shift in consciousness or a shift in energy or a shift in the way your pain feels.  You might get a new way to look at your problem, and then, just like that, the problem will often just disappear... what made you so angry or sad before has just been resolved into acceptance and contentment.  Or the tapping will bring forth an elegant solution from within... how to be more successful at work, how to not let those other drivers make you so upset on the road... Very often the result with EFT is not just great, it's beyond great... often it's total relief from that particular problem you just tapped the energy points for!

With EFT Meridian Tapping you can loosen up so many layers of internal fear that many times you will find yourself naturally, effortlessly, behaving in new, unexpected, positive ways.  A shy person will learn to speak joyfully in public, an individual with chronic pain will begin to feel better and better as the EFT Tapping strips away layers of old gripping and hurt that are bound up around the old injury sight...   


What is an EFT Tapping session like?

The EFT process starts by asking yourself a simple question, "Do I have something in my life that is bothering me that I would like relief from?"  If so, what would that be?  This could be a small problem, a pain in your neck, tightness in your low back.  It might be a bigger problem like fear of success or your inability to get relief from chronic headaches.  You can ask yourself, "What is my most pressing concern at this very moment?"  Is it pain in your body?  Anxiety in your mind?  Fear of failure or success in life?  You decide on the problem and in your EFT session with me I will guide you through the process from beginning to end, we do the Setup and then see if we can tap our way to clarity and relief!

You can start by asking yourself if you want to make changes in your life that will transform you into a better adjusted, healthier, happier more energized you.  If you are interested in positive change, but don't know where to start, book a session with me and I'll help you get focused.  EFT may just be the perfect solution for you! 

Are you uncertain what your next step in life should be?  Do you have fear and anxiety holding you back?  Do you feel stuck, immobilized, uncertain, ambivalent and scared about your future and your ability to achieve success in life?  Do you just want to feel better and have more fun as you go through your day?  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  :) 

I recommend you try an EFT "Energy Meridian Tapping" session with me and I will help you resolve your fears and blocks surrounding your most pressing concerns.  This clearing will help pave the way for mindful action leading to contentment. 

EFT is an amazing process that can align you with your inner wisdom and healing energy so that your worst nightmares and anxieties can be evaporated under the focused gaze of your primordial consciousness. 

Think of EFT as a focusing tool.  EFT helps facilitate an internal dialogue with your "higher self".  The answers to your problems are already within you, EFT can help bring these solutions to the service of your waking consciousness.  With EFT you can work out the contradictions and psychological reversals surrounding a perceived problem and very often, the perfect solution, at that time and place, will appear out of the ether of your inner realm.  Does the answer come from the void?  From your EFT facilitated connection to source energy and primordial wisdom?

I can say for myself that systematic use of EFT feels like Turbo Meditation, you will clear energy blocks at an exponential rate and experience great freedom as you go through life.  I can help you experience some of these results for yourself by focusing your mind and intent on the goals you want to see positive change with.  EFT has proven very useful for quickly resolving issues that have been plaguing you for a very long time! 

Whatever your problems are, big or small, EFT can really help.  You will experience answers coming up from within.  You will wake up your inner "clear logic" circuits untainted by doubts, fears, or misguided assumptions and objectives.  EFT will help you wind your way backwards, through the maze of memories, traumas, and negative experiences of your past, very often almost effortlessly resolving the core issues that are at the root of your problems today. 

I will be right there with you as an experienced "tracker of energy obstacles" helping you navigate your way home.  With Energy Tapping you will experience blocks emerging from your subconcious and you will feel them leave your body!  Your mind and your thinking will shift towards greater and greater clarity. 

I will facilitate the clearing of your mind, your heart, your body, your energy, so you can find the path to achieving whatever goal you have set before you - Better Health, Being Pain Free, Resolving Old Traumas and Fears, a Tight Neck, Chronic Pain in your back, Overcoming Phobias like Fear of Public Speaking, or Stage Fright, Performance Anxiety...

You name it, and EFT will quickly steer you in the right direction, unveiling the answers to your issues.  You will notice these answers coming up from within.  EFT helps you hear your inner guide, helps you awaken your healing energy, helps you "tune in" to your "intuition", the tapping process will steer you towards the best possible solution to every specific problem you present.

EFT is a tool you can literally "try on everything".  It may not fix all your problems but it's so useful for correcting disruptions in your internal energies.  Smoother internal energy flow brings shifts to your mental and physical perspective and helps you embrace the best possible solution to dealing with obstacles life puts in your path.  Very often, pains both old and new, will simply disappear after a couple rounds of tapping.  Issues you've been trying to resolve with no luck will evaporate into thin air, they just won't bother you any more.  

EFT will help you "Tap" into your Inner Voice of Wisdom.  This inner knowing will provide the answers to the questions you are asking - What should I do Next?  What do I want out of life?  What is holding me back from Success and Happiness?  Why won't this pain go away?  Why isn't my body healing faster?  What does my body need to recover? 

Energy Tapping can really help and I'd love to share my tapping skills with you so you can make the breakthroughs you've been waiting for! 

To experience EFT for yourself you can call or email me today and book an EFT Tapping session where we will tap through your problems, step by step, one at a time, making room for new experiences and growth! 


Massage & Bodywork

Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit with a Therapeutic Relaxation massage.  Address the chronic tension, pain and emotional armoring in your body with a Deep Tissue bodywork session.  Repattern the way you move through space, transform your posture and core integrity, learn how to breathe to increase your vital energy, and cultivate consciousness by exploring the Science of Yoga through a personal or group practice.


Theo's massage and bodywork techniques can help reverse the negative effects of stress, facilitate the repair of damaged muscle tissue, and alleviate pain throughout your body. He uses a range of therapeutic tools that improve circulation, soften scar tissue, help move toxins out of the body, relieve tension and anxiety, improve digestion, enhance muscle tone, and increase mental alertness. 

Massage & Bodywork promote:

  • Emotional Balance
  • Relaxation
  • Physical Healing
  • Improved Digestion
  • Improved Mobility
  • Pain Relief
  • Detoxification
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Circulation
  • Improved Sleeping Patterns
  • Stress Reduction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced Creativity 


Theo Mazur - Massage & Bodywork

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